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Hi Everyone,
This year I decided to upgrade my HF radio Yaesu FT-847 to a Flex-3000 SDR Radio by Flex Radio Systems.

In this forum I will provide information on how I learned how to setup the (VAC - Virtual Audio Cable), (com0com - Null modem emulator), (DDutil - Data Decoder Utility) and plus add on programs (Bobsmeter), (VoiceKeyer -K9DUR), (FLdigi) and HRD.

One thing I learned before you click on the buy button on the Flex Radio website is make sure you give them a call and ask if you have everything you need or you have more than you need as you add them to your Shipping Cart. While adding accessories to my order, I included the firewire cable, power cord and did not know these are already included with the flex-3000. (There is a note under the description that says these items are included but I missed).

Things I ordered after talking to tech support.
ACC-ADM817 (RJ45 to 8 pin male Foster adapter cable)

My Flex-3000 arrived after 3 days and first thing I noticed is there is no printed users manual.
The box comes with the following.
Flex-3000 Quick Start Guide
Power SDR 2.2.3 CD.
Power Cord
Firewire Cable

The Quick Start Guide is easy to follow and no problem at all with installation of the Power SDR software. I have seen a few
videos of what the power SDR software can do but it is never the same as when you are the one actually moving through the
band using the Panadapter. It is simply amazing.

Before we continue with the Power SDR program, it is important to mention my computer setup. Since the Flex-3000 and any other flex radio is dependent on the computer to do it's wonder. Here below is my computer system.

Acer Aspire Desktop 5100m
AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core
2.49 GHz
3.00 GB Ram

I am pretty sure if I have a better computer that it would work more efficiently but with this setup and without any other one
to compare it to, I can say it works really great!

After an hour of going through the menu (Setup, Memory, Wave, Equalizer, Mixer, ATU, FlexControl) and trying out the Panadapter and other features I then realize that the flex-3000 does not have a built-in Voice keyer functionality. I guess this is not a priority for the Flex team to implement but hopefully it will be added in the future updates of Power SDR.

In today's world, people are connected through the internet via community forums, social media etc. If you have questions, ask the internet!
Tech question about the flex usually directs one to the FlexRadio Systems Knowledge Center http://kc.flexradio.com/ . In the FLex KC you will find mostly all you need to know about the flex.

To be continued . . .
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