Paclink with Winmor TNC & local Webmail access

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Paclink with Winmor TNC & local Webmail access

Postby k6irf on Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:01 pm

Here are the steps on how to setup a Winlink System using Paclink with Winmor and Webmail.
With this setup you can use a local webmail to send your email via Paclink - Winmor.
Multiple users can send/read email via Winlink.
Send me an email if ever you decide to try this and you encounter some challenges. (
This was done on a Panasonic Toughbook with Windows XP SP3.

If you have Windows 7 64bit, you might have a problem with the php_curl.dll file. This is needed for the webmail.
I was able to fix this by replacing the file with a new file. File is attached on this forum..
Another problem I had with Windows 7 64 Bit (Apache version 2.4.2) is getting the error message
"Forbidden - You don't have permission to access / on this server."
*Fix is to edit httpd.conf, look for line "onlineofflinetag - don't remove" and then delete the blank space between this and the next line script.
There shouldn't be any space between them. Then toggle the server online and offline for a couple of times.
You may also need to change the ( <Directory "c:/wamp/www ) script setting to (Allow from all)
Update: Problem accessing the server main page on the network. (Apache Version 2.4.4)
Loading WAMP Server on Windows 7 64 Bit for Apache version 2.4.4. Make sure you change the setting on http.conf.
Click the WAMP icon > Appache > http.conf . Edit the file with notepad > search for "onlineoffline"
Add line Allow from All
- You must install Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package x86 or x64
1. RUN WAMPSERVER (If ever you get this error message . . .Aestan Tray Menu has encountered a problem, you need to install (Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package x86 or x64)
2. Click on Wamp Server tray Icon and go to php > php extensions > click on php_curl
3. Click on Wamp Server Icon and go to php > php extensions > click on php_imap
4. Click on Wamp Server Icon
5. Click on Wamp Server Icon and run local host. The default broswer will show (The WAMPSERVER Homepage).
6. FYI - the WAMPSERVER Homepage, index.php is located on c:\wamp\www\
7. Later you might want to create your own home page so as to provide information on how to use the system.
*On my system, I use a phpbb forum. (
*See Notes near the end of this post on how to install phpbb forum.

(* Download Attached older version of Webmail-Lite, see bottom of post. Current version does not support Pop3)

1. Download WebMail Lite and make sure you select PHP as Platform Type.
2. Extract Files to c:\wamp\www\
3. Edit Settings.xml (c:\wamp\www\webmail\data\settings\settings.xml
(Or Download Sample Settings.xml in
4. Go to localhost/webmail/install
5. Click on Default and on Step 3 of 6 click on create button to create database.
6. Click on Test button to test database connection.
7. Step 4 of 6 Set the Admin Panel Password.
8. Step 5 of 6 click on SMTP & pop3 click on test connection. Both port 25 and port 110 should say working. * If ever the test did not pass, it should still work.
9. Delete or rename Install folder (c:\wamp\www.webmail\install)
10. Login at http://localhost/webmail/adminpanel
11. login name mailadm & passsword 12345 or whatever you changed this to.
12. This is the usual setting. Database name may be different depening on what you choose to name it.

System Settings
SQL login = root
SQL password = none
Database name = harp or whatever you change this to.
Host = localhost

14. Domains > Default domain settings >
click on Use incomming mail's login /password of the user.

1. Go to Software > User Software > Find link under Paclink (Winlink FTP site) > User Programs
2. Click and download latest (Paclink setup files)
3. The setup requires >Microsoft .NET framework version 3.5. If your system does not have this yet it will tell you to
download the file and install it.
4. Go to C:\Paclink\Bin\ Right click on Paclink and send to Desktop to create a shortcut.
5. Click on Paclink icon in desktop.
6. Enter the Paclink Site Properties
7. Close Paclink program.

1. Install latest version of BPQ32. Download it from the BPQ32 Yahoo Groups.
2. Follow instruction from this website (
* The bpq32.cfg file is located at C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\BPQ32
*The Application Data folder is usually a Hidden Folder, in order to get to this folder, just type the address
(C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data). Right click to get to the properties and unflag Hidden.
*Harp USA - BPQ32.cfg sample file attached and can be downloaded.
3. Setup a virtual comm. Port for Paclink to use. Go to you BPQ32 Folder and run VCOMConfig.
4.It may warn you that the driver is not loaded. Click OK. Click on Load Driver. Should see Service Started. From the pulldown menu select a comm. Port (shows COM1). Select one that is not in use by your system. I used COMM 20 then click on ADD. Should now say COMM added. Close this program but remember the
com port number.
5. From the BPQ32 folder start BPQHostModes
6. Select Add Entry. Under COM, put the COM port number we setup in VCOM. In our example it
would be 20. In streams put 1, and for Applmask enter 0. Select Kant under Mode and click on Save
Settings. Click Ok on the notice of restart and close the program

3. Connect Script to use (c 1 callsign via winmor) * Make sure you use VIA and not just the letter V. For some reason V just don't work on mine.

1. Download Winmor TNC program at (
2. Unzip files to c:\Program Files\BPQ32\
3. Run Winmor TNC and setup the Callsign and Sound Card capture device.
4. TCP address should be
5. Base TCPIP Port# is 8500
6. Close Winmor TNC program

Wireless Router - You can use any Wireless Router but I suggest you look into DD-WRT and/or HS-MM.
This would give your router more functions that you might need in your project.
1. Follow information on this website for dd-wrt ( or for HS-MM (http://

Problems you might encounter.

* Can't connect to mail server = Paclink is not running.

* Cant' connect to database = check and make sure tables are created in database.

* Can't connect from another laptop via wireless = Disable firewall & any security in Server Laptop/pc

*Make sure the WAMP Server is running before you start the installation.
1.First go to c:\wamp\www\ and rename index.php to index.php.old (so you have a copy of the original index file in case you may need it again.)
2.Go to the phpbb website ([url]http:\\[/url]) and download latest Installation Zip file.
3.Extract all Files to c:\wamp\www\
4.Go to c:\wamp\www\phpBB3\ and copy all the files and paste it to c:\wamp\www\ (You may later delete the phpBB3 folder)
5.Open your browser and type on the address line (localhost\install) This will open the phpBB Installation Panel webpage.
6.Click on Install Tab and click Proceed to next step
7.The Installation Compatibility page will open and here you will see that most of the test made will say "Yes" except a few under Supported Database category.
8.Start Install
9.Choose the following settings
Database type = MySQL with MySQLi Extension
Database server hostname = localhost
Database server port = leave blank
Database name = harp (you may use whatever name you want) * You may create a new database by going to your Wampserver Menu > PHPMyAdmin > Create a new Database.
Database User Name = root
Database password = leave blank
Prefix for tables in database = leave default (phpbb_)
10. Proceed to next step (Should say "Successful connection")
11. Proceed to next step, this settings is up to you. Just right it down 'cause you will need this to login as admin to make your changes to the phpbb forum.
12. Administrator Details should now say Tests passed.
13. Proceed to next step, this will get you through a few pages that you can later change via the admin control panel.
14. Done! Make sure you go back to c:\wamp\www and rename the install folder to install.old
15. You can now start working on your phpbb forum. Go to your browser and type (localhost) and this will open your phpbb forum main page. Enjoy!

Final test
1. Run wamp server - make sure Icon is green and server online. If not, left click on icon and click put online.
2. Run BPQHostModes - this will run two BPQ32 windows. (BPQHostModes and BPQ32 Console) Minimize them both.
3. Upon running BPQHostModes , then this will automatically run the Winmor Soundcard TNC.
4. Run Paclink
5. Create Callsign and/or Tactical accounts in Paclink.
6. Browse (localhost) - this will open your main website. Or this could be the phpbb forum if ever you decide to do that.
7. Browse (localhost/webmail) - this will open your webmail page. Log-in using the callsign or tactical account you created in Paclink.
8. When accessing the Webmail through WIFI. Make sure you change the network connection IP address to the IP address that you set up on the Router.
In my case, my router IP address is . So say I am using a laptop, I would view the wireless network, connect to the one which the network wireless
ID is setup to (HARP and once connected I would open my Browser and type in the URL

Here is my BPQ32.cfg setting. This setup is using a Signalink USB. If ever you will be using the Serial Com Port for PTT operation
you just need to replace this (ADDR 8500 PATH C:\Program Files\bpq32\Winmor TNC\Winmor TNC.exe)
with this one (ADDR 8500 PTT RTS PATH C:\Program Files\bpq32\Winmor TNC\Winmor TNC.exe)

; AIRMAIL/WINMOR configuration.




CONFIG ; Driver-Specific Configuration
ADDR 8500 PATH C:\Program Files\bpq32\Winmor TNC\Winmor TNC.exe
BW 1600


; End of Config


Pixs of the Setup.

WAMP Server running on a Panasonic CF-18 Toughbook
with Paclink, Winmor TNC, BPQ32 and Webmail-Lite



Ipad connected to local WIFI accessing the local webmail via IP (




Here are pictures of our Winlink System for our club's emergency network system.

RMS Packet on UHF access via the club's repeater on Mt. Lukens.
Kenwood TM642a, Kantronics Kam Plus.
RMS Packet on VHF
Alinco DR135MKIIp
Panasonic CF-19 Laptop
RMS Tri-mode on 40 Meters
Icom 718, Mfj-993b, signal link usb.


RMS Relay on HF
FT-847, SCS-PTCii pro
Panasonic CF-18


Paclink with BPQ32, Webmail and running Wampserver
Panasonic CF-19
Linksys WIFI Router

After Logic Webmail Lite install
(2.81 MiB) Downloaded 234 times
BPQ32.cfg file used at the Harp USA Emcomm Winlink Winmor - Paclink - Web Server.
(429 Bytes) Downloaded 297 times
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