17th iGEB Meeting Minutes 06.05.2010

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17th iGEB Meeting Minutes 06.05.2010

Postby k6irf on Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:05 pm

Minutes of the International Grand Eyeball Meeting

June 5, 2010 Hotel Dominique, Tagaytay City

Meeting started at 623pm

Presided by KG6BBQ Ed Gutierrez


Alex Fernando DV3AK, Bhoy Alambra VE4BOY, Lito Alvea DU4DF, Fr. Sonny Guadalupe DU4MX, Ernie Zalamea VE6EGZ, Ireneo B. Ledesma DU9XL, Boy Ladios DU1SCJ, Elmer Gomez DU1EG, Rhine Baculinao DU1RB, Eduardo Ilagan Jr DU1DPE, Eddie Valdez DU1EV, Reni G. Aballe DU5RAG, Vic del Castillo KV6DC, Joseph Sy DU1DX, Mike Victa DW1PJM, Vilma Eamiguel DV5VLE, Dondon Medina 4F7FDM, Elmer Loper DW4OZ, Joey Panganiban DU1BP, Billy Villegas WE6DX, Ed Gutierrez KG6BBQ, Eddie Valdez DU1EV.

Minutes proper

The meeting started with the introduction of individuals who were present.

Agenda was the grand eyeball bids for succeeding years.


In 2011 it will be hosted by VARN


So far there is no bidder yet for the IGEB for 2012. We (KG6BBQ) shall post this info on pinoyhamforums.org so that clubs could bid.

For the 2012 IGEB preference for the event will be somewhere in the vicinity of the East Coast.


In 2013 it will be in North America. The 20th iGEB is being reserved for Joel Pastor, the founder of the GEB (2013).

Chito Pastor said that the 20th GEB will be hosted by Magellan in the California area, most probably in Bakersfield, CA where the first iGEB was held.


The iGEB is held in the Philippines every 5 years, so next is Philippine hosting of the iGEB will be in 2015.

Local clubs are encouraged to bid. So far there are two clubs bidding for the 2015 iGEB, namely: DX4CAR and DX2AAA.

DX4CAR was the back up of Flare for the 17th iGEB.

The group agreed that DX4CAR will be the 2015 iGEB host while DX2AAA will be the back up club.

DX2AAA will have first priority for the 2020 iGEB unless they decline.

DX4CAR should inform the iGEB committee as soon as possible if they will not be able to host.

DX4CAR agreed to combine the iGEB with the PARA hamvention for 2015 so that more people will come, similar to what Flare did for the 17th iGEB.

There being no other matters to be taken up, the body adjourned.
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