Directional Antenna

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Directional Antenna

Postby kenotz on Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:55 pm

hello to all. i'm a newbie at radio and antenna.
to start with, where here in the philippines (manila) can i buy this thing:

A430S10R(Parallel stack)

OR it would be better if an antenna guru here can post a detailed tutorial or HOW-TO in creating a home-made antenna like that. it would add knowledge/experience on the part of a beginner like me.

salamat. :)
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Re: Directional Antenna

Postby k6irf on Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:19 am

Hi there! I am no guru but here is what I found in the web. Hope this help. I always wanted to have a stacked yagi on uhf too but just can't find the time to put one together. I have 2, 719B Cushcraft, works great, though never tried it stack. I need to know how to make a power divider.

With regards to buying the A430s, well why not, as long as it serves your purpose. But just wondering why not 2 meters (A144s). Try Raon in Manila, there are shops there that sells imported antenna systems.

By the way, what is your Amateur Callsign?

I missed my old antenna projects back home in Navotas City. :( I use to have a homebrew 3 elements on 10 meters, 7 elements on 2 meters.
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