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HARP USA Club - Packet - Winlink System

Postby k6irf on Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:34 pm

Hello Everyone!
I had the chance to get this info together so I thought I make a post in our Digital Forum.
Our club Harp USA have been putting up a Digital network system in Southern California and
here is the network system as available now and additional info update for system expansion in the future.

Let me start by saying this system won't be possible without the help of a lot of people. Club members who
provided their location to setup gateways and of course help from those who have knowledge about digital systems and
to those who actually created the software.

Packet Radio Gateway #1
QTH: Claremont, CA (Qth of K6IRF)
System: Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 OS Win xp Professional 1.10 ghz 760mb of Ram
BPQ32.dll console ver., G8BPQ Mail Server Ver., G8BPQ Chat Server Ver.
SV2AGW Packet Engine Ver. 415.2013

BPQ32 Node (K6IRF-2) Port 1 VHF (145.050) Port 2 UHF (441.500) Port 3 HF (7.101.50)
BPQ32 Chat (K6IRF-11)
BPQ32 -Winlink RMS (K6IRF-10)
BPQ32 -Winlink Pactor Gateway (K6IRF)

Port 1 VHF (Kenwood TR7950) (AEA PK-88) (1200)
Port 2 UHF (Kenwood TMG707) (AEA PK-96) (9600)
Port 3 HF (Icom IC718) (SCS PTC-ii pro) (Pactor 1, 2 , 3) Rotatable Dipole (7.101.50)

Local Webmail (HARP available near location

How you can use this system and what it does?
There are a number of ways you can use this system.
1. You can connect to it via Ham Radio - Packet Radio.
If you already have a working Packet Radio station, you can connect to the Node (K6IRF-2)
Usually in your command prompt, you will issue a connect command like C K6IRF-2 .
Once connected, the node will send you a prompt similar to this
You can then type either of those listed prompt commands, BBS, RMS, Connect Bye, Info . . . .etc.
Let's say you want to try the BBS. just type BBS and enter and the Node will go to the BBS
and you will see the BBS prompt similar to this.
Hello! BBS11 : > L (List Mail) SP (Send Personal Mail) SB (Send Bulletin) ST (Send NTS Traffic).
And from here let's say you want to see if there are any available Bulletins. So you type LB, meaning
List Bulletin. If there are any listed and you want to read them. Then you issue a command R 123
number 123 being the bulletin mail number you want to read. There are more commands to try,
and just type ? and you will be given available BBS commands. Remember this system was put together
for Ham operators to use, so fire away! Use it as often as you want, test the system and see if there are any
commands that are not responding the way it should. Try the other Node commands like RMS, Chat etc.
And best of all enjoy doing it. : )

2. When available, you can also connect to this system using your laptop, iPhone, Ipad or any device that is Wifi capable.
Lets say in an emergency and the internet is out and you would like to let your friends and family from
outside the disaster area know your situation, all you have to do is go to this location and park where you
would be able to scan and connect to wifi signal id (HARP . Once connected, open your
browser and type in the url and the Harp USA webmail site will open. Read the info and
use available log-in and password to send and read emails. This service is only a local webmail and you
can not use this to browse the internet. All emails are sent via Ham Radio, so no business transactions and/or
commercial mails are allowed. Try this system if you can!

What happens in the background. Once you connect to the webmail server
and able to send your email, here below is the process.
1. Paclink will detect your mail.
2. Paclink will connect to Telnet
3. Paclink will transfer your email via telnet to BPQ32 BBS K6IRF-4
4. BPQ BBS will run script to connect to SBMTNS Node in Twinpeaks, CA 5,000 ft .
5. BPQ BBS will then connect to KN6B-10 winlink gateway in Perris, CA.
6. If there is no Internet available at the KN6B-10 gateway location . .
7. BPQ BBS will then connect to AG6QO via HF Pactor to send winlink email.
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